Protecting Your Dog Against Heartworms

2 April 2018
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Heartworms are actual worms that grow inside your dog and attack the heart, lungs and blood vessels. These worms can cause all types of health issues for your pet including lung disease, heart failure and damage to other organs in the body. Heartworms are actually spread through mosquitoes that are infected. There are ways to protect your dog from heartworm. Read below for tips on how to protect your beloved pet.

Give Your Dog A Heartworm Preventative

Giving your dog a heartworm preventative each month will help protect your dog against heartworms. Talk to your veterinarian about which preventative is best for your dog. This should be given to your dog each month. Forgetting this preventative leaves your dog susceptible to getting heartworms. Don't skip doses.

Keep Your Dog Away From Mosquito Prone Areas

If you have areas of your yard that have more mosquitoes such as low spots or near a pond or other water area in your yard, keep your dog out of these areas. Also limit time outside at dusk, early in the morning or after dark when mosquitoes are more prevalent. Getting rid of the mosquitoes in the yard will also help to protect your dog from heartworm. Empty water in shallow containers in your yard where mosquitoes could be breeding such as bird baths, kid toys, dog water bowls, and other things holding stagnant water.

To also help get rid of mosquitoes, you can spray your yard with an insecticide. Be sure not to allow your dog around this insecticide after spraying. Let the insecticide settle before allowing your dog outside. This should only be used in extreme cases. An insecticide may be harmful for your dog.

Take Your Dog To The Veterinarian

Be sure to take your dog to the veterinarian each year for a checkup and exam. Your dog will be tested by the veterinarian to be sure he doesn't have heartworms. Talk to your veterinarian about other ways to protect your dog from heartworms including which heartworm preventative is best for your furry pal. You can give your dog a chewable pill (much like a treat), or an injectable preventative can be used if necessary.

Your dog is like a member of your family. Take good care of your furry buddy and prevent heartworms from taking over your dog's body and causing illness or death. Talk to your veterinarian today about what type of preventative should be used. Contact a vet clinic, like Animal House Veterinary Hospital, for more help.