Want Your Inside Cat To Enjoy The Backyard? 2 Types Of Cat Fences You Can Purchase

2 April 2018
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If you have an inside cat they likely do not go outside often. If you would like your cat to be able to go outside, however, you can do this and keep them safe. One of the best ways is to use a cat fence. Below are two types of these fences so you can get started buying one. Even though cats are great jumpers and maneuvers, they will be safe and contained.


Freestanding cat fences are made of a type of flexible mesh. The mesh moves when cats jump on it, so they have a hard time climbing on the mesh. This type of fence also leans around the edges, so your cat will have a hard time jumping over it. Even if your cat keeps trying they will not hurt themselves because the mesh is softer when compared to other materials.

You can find these fences in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can put the fence up yourself, if you prefer.

The one drawback to a freestanding fence is it is not as durable as one that is attached to a traditional fence. Because of this, never put a dog inside the freestanding fence as they could easily break it down. A large dog could also break the fence down from outside so make sure no large dogs can get into your yard.

Add-On Fence

If you already have a fenced in yard, an add-on cat fence would work well for you. This type of fence is made of a wide band or strip of mesh. The mesh attaches to the top of your existing fence using strong metal brackets. Just like with the freestanding fence, your cat will not be able to jump over or climb up the fence.

One benefit of an add-on fence is it is more secure and provides better protection against outside prey, such as a large animal that may try to get to your cat. You can attach the fence to a chain link, PVC, wood, and many other types of fences.  

You do need to make sure the fence the add-on fence attaches to is in good condition. For example, there should be no holes of any size as your cat could easily climb through even small holes.

Talk with a company that makes cat fencing about these options. The company can also tell you about many other types of cat fences that are available. You and your cat can then enjoy being outside together.