What Happens If Your Cat Gets Sick While Boarded

3 April 2018
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People board their pets to keep them safe while they're away from home. As a result, it can be alarming to get a notification that your cat has become ill while being boarded. Whether your cat had an underlying, undiagnosed medical condition or has caught a virus, rest assured that your cat will be cared for.

Veterinary Support

All pet boarding facilities work with veterinarians. While not all have veterinarians on staff, most have an affiliation that allows the vet to come to the boarding facility. If your cat exhibits signs of not being well, your animal boarder will take your cat to the vet or have the vet come to them. Your cat will be examined, diagnosed, and treated for their condition.


Where your cat goes next depends upon their condition. Obviously, if you come home during the treatment process, you can pick up your cat and decide where to go from there. However, if you will still be away for a while, the boarder will decide what's best for this.

Typically, the factors for aftercare include how sick your cat is and whether or not they require constant medical attention. While animal boarders have staff available to check on the kitties day and night, it's not the same thing as having critical care nurses look after your cat. If your cat is extremely ill, they will be kept at the animal hospital the affiliated veterinarian works in.

If your cat is doing well and can be safely left alone in its kennel for a few hours, they will be able to stay at the boarding facility and simply receive any treatment there.


There is no surefire way of preventing your cat from getting sick while they're at a boarding facility. Cats can experience anxiety away at home that can trigger latent conditions that you didn't know they had, like kidney disease or even feline acne. However, there are some things you can do beforehand to reduce the risk.

First off, make sure that your cat has received all of their vaccinations. This will protect them from illness and help to prevent them from passing on anything to other cats.

Secondly, get a clean bill of health from your vet. A simple physical exam and a blood test before your cat is boarded can screen your kitty for a wide range of problems and alert you to them before the boarding ever happens.

Cats can get sick like anyone else, but with a caring animal boarder and their affiliated veterinarian, your kitty will be safe and sound. Contact a vet at an animal hospital like Ark Veterinary Hospital for additional information about keeping your pet healthy.