Why Your Emotional Support Dog Needs A Microchip

4 April 2018
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When you are recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may feel that the only one who understands you is your dog.  A dog can help you experience feelings of love. They make excellent companions who will be there when you need them.

Emotional Support

Your dog could be considered an emotional support dog. You could have a mental health provider stating that you have a mental health condition, such as PTSD, and that you need your dog for emotional support. With an emotional support dog, you may receive accommodations, such as being able to fly together.

When you are traveling with your pet, there is always a risk that he or she might be lost or stolen. While dogs sometimes find their way back to their owners, the best way to make sure that you recover your dog is to have a dog tag, microchip your dog and sign him or her up for a national pet registry.

Dog Tags

A dog tag is the oldest way to designate whom your dog belongs to. By including a phone number, address and even your own name, a good Samaritan who finds your dog can help get your dog back to you. However, your dog could lose his or her tag or it may be worn off. Also, if your dog is taken by someone else, he or she might not care about the dog tag.


A microchip is the most reliable way to find your missing dog. If your dog ends up in a shelter, you will be able to get him or her back very quickly. If someone takes your dog, it may later be discovered that he or she had a microchip and this might lead to the authorities being contacted.

A National Pet Registry

Microchips aren't helpful unless you sign your dog up for a national pet registry. By having your dog entered into a national pet registry, you guarantee that your dog can be identified anywhere he or she goes in the United States. The registration will be valid for the life of your dog.

The microchip comes with a small number. When your pet is scanned, if the number is identified from the microchip and the number corresponds with an entry in the national registry, you will be identified as the owner as well as contact information. As a result, this is the best way to avoid losing your dog. For more information, consult the National Pet Registry.