How To Pick YOUR Puppy From The Litter

20 October 2020
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


If you have found a breeder with puppies for sale, you are probably so excited to get a new little companion. However, do you have any idea of how to pick your puppy out of the litter? There are a few things you can do to make sure that you get the dog that is right for you, instead of missing your opportunity by picking his sibling. Here are a few tips on how to get the right dog for you. 

Take Your Time

The key to picking the right puppy is just taking your time. Tell the breeder upfront that you are going to want at least a half-hour with the litter while you make your decision. A respectable breeder who cares about their puppies should understand that you are trying to give their dogs a good home, and will not have a problem with this. 

Match Energy

Before you go, think about what kind of energy vibe you already have in your home. Are you the people who spend a lot of time outdoors, or do you enjoy relaxing in your home? You will want to get a puppy who matches your energy. Pay attention to how the puppies interact with one another and you. Obviously, they will be excited to see you, but you may not want the one who is jumping up and down trying to get to you. Well, actually you might! If you are going to take a dog on runs or long hikes, pick the one with the most energy. If that's not your style, pick one of the calmer quieter ones. 

Eye Contact

Pay attention to the dogs that pay attention to you. Certain puppies may be drawn to you, while others will not give you the time of day. Call it a spiritual connection if you will, but sometimes puzzle pieces just fit together. You may find that while you are playing with all of the puppies a specific one keeps coming back for more. Pay attention to how they interact with you, as well as which ones are more inquisitive. This can give you tips as to how they will treat you and your home later on. 

In conclusion, take the time to really get to know the litter before making your decision. It may seem a little awkward with the breeder right there, but taking the time is essential to making the right choice. Also, remember: you can train your puppy a bit to curb certain behaviors, but they all have personality. Find the one that fits best with yours!