How Havanese Puppies Stand Out From Other Small Breeds

10 June 2021
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog


If you want a small dog, there are a number of breeds you can choose from. Miniature poodles, Cocker spaniels, and Dachshunds are all popular small breeds with their own advantages and disadvantages. But one particular small breed that you may want to consider is the Havanese. Here are some ways that Havanese puppies stand out from other small breeds.

They're sturdy.

Some small dogs tend to be really delicate and sensitive. Havanese, though, are pretty strong and sturdy in spite of their size. While you will certainly still want to be careful with your dog, especially while they are still a puppy, you don't have to be as concerned about them breaking a leg, scraping themselves, or injuring themselves while playing in the yard. This makes Havanese puppies a good choice for active families or those with kids who want a small dog.

They're friendly to family and to strangers.

A lot of small dog breeds are known for being friendly with their family members, but not necessarily with strangers. This isn't true of the Havanese, especially if you take the time to socialize them when they are still puppies. Havanese are very social dogs. They'll be kind and welcoming when you have friends over, and they will interact politely when you pass people on the sidewalk. Rarely is a Havanese puppy considered an ankle-biter!

They're easy to train.

Training a small dog can come with some challenges. Because they're so small and owners tend to pick them up, some small dogs don't learn to come, heel, and obey other commands so well. Havanese, though, tend to be easier to train than most other small breeds. As long as you take them to puppy classes and put in the effort to train them when they are young, you should end up with an obedient dog.

They don't shed as much.

Some small, long-haired dogs tend to shed excessively and leave hair all over the place. But Havanese dogs barely shed, in spite of their long coat. If you take them to the groomer for regular trims and shampoos, you should barely notice any hair around your home at all. 

If you like the advantages above, then look for Havanese puppies for sale. They're a great small breed for anyone new to owning a dog, has kids, or really wants to ensure their dog is social with strangers. Ask the breeder for more information.